Ethereal Summer

Tis the season for lovely summer weddings, but finding an outfit that makes you feel confident as well as comfortable is a different story. Silk can be your best friend in the summer – it’s light, soft and feminine. But sometimes a structured fabric can hold everything in place and make you feel more secure….

City Streetstyle

Silk wrap dress and trainers in Boston + wondering when I’ll have a normal hair cut again

Pastel Pink

Wearing shades of pink to the bar for spring

Wide Leg

How to style the cropped boyfriend jean

In a Blue World

Today is warm and I am LOVING IT. I even bought a doughnut in celebration (I know I said I’m dieting, but a treat is okay every once in a while.) This afternoon I ditched the long sleeves and donned this safari shirt I normally layer under a grandfather cardigan. I really love jean on…

Yup, I bought a jumpsuit

So I stared at this jumpsuit in Banana Republic for like months thinking how cool it was but how I didn’t have any events formal enough to wear it to. Then BR sold out of it and I forgot all about it, until a couple of weeks ago when I found ONE in my size…

Bring It On

Before the spill. She bumped the table by accident. Still looks like a snow princess though. Well dears, after much time away from WordPress, I am officially making my return to blogging. Soon enough I will have a tripod, which (hopefully) will make it easier for me to post regularly, as I do not have…

Holiday Ready

Top: Banana Republic | Sweater: Express | Jeans: Uniqlo | Shoes: Forever 21 | Scarf: AEO Do me a favor and just ignore the fact that I have one leg of my jeans rolled up and the other not. I was trying out a different pair of shoes and forgot to unroll my pants after…….