The Best in Target Beauty

If you like trying beauty products, but hate the Sephora price, then this post is perfect for you. One of my favorite pastimes is testing out any new beauty product I can get my hands on, as long as it doesn’t blow the bank. Target is usually my go-to, and one of the best things…

Let’s Get Real

Let’s get real. Soon I want to post about what I love about fashion and personal style, but before that I want to take some time to explain myself and my lifestyle. I’m sure you have all heard of anxiety disorders, whether you have one yourself or know someone with one. They affect everyone differently…

S/S It Pant

This season’s it pant is a wide leg white crop. Here’s how a couple of my favorite bloggers styled them: I happened to find a pair on clearance at target for $11 and had to buy them. The sad truth of cheap clothes is that they just don’t fit the same as the expensive kind….


Spring style with consignment pieces


Accepting that I’m short, and wearing odd silhouettes anyways.

July Fourth

Yesterday was Independence Day, so in the spirit of America’s freedom I donned the colors red, white and blue. This peasant style dress is from a really cool shop online called Clad and Cloth, and it needed to be hemmed to this length, but it’s a good quality fabric and it’s really comfortable. Definitely a…