Green room

Living in a room with minimal space and few options for decor (hello, plaster walls) has challenged me to reduce the amount of things I own, and use my space in a way that makes it feel less grubby and more warm and inviting by playing up it’s quirky character. One of my favorite ways…

Seeing Yourself

Let’s focus for a minute on body image. I think most of us are conditioned to view our bodies and judge them based on stereotypes of attractiveness. “My stomach looks flat, but my thighs are a little too big for my liking.” My question is – why do we focus so much on looks and…

New Year

I personally hope 2018 can be a year of change and growth for me, where I put more time into the things that make me better, like health and hobbies (this blog for example.) I’d love to travel more and learn new skills, maybe finally learn to consistently save money. Until then, here’s my take…


Accepting that I’m short, and wearing odd silhouettes anyways.

Travel Tips

What to pack when you’re leaving for months, and how to travel in comfortable style