About Me

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Just a girl putting herself out there on the internet.

I work in marketing as a copywriter, and I love clothes, so the natural next step was to combine all three things into one blog.

At 23 years old I am massively in debt from college, and living at home to try to pay off some of my loans. My lifestyle is not glamorous, and often consists of me drinking a craft beer in my bed (because my room is under construction and there’s nowhere to sit,) and binging whatever the latest teen drama murder mystery or sci-fi thriller type Netflix show is.

I don’t often cook for myself, and I don’t go to very many exciting places because I don’t have money to spend on activities or brunches. Style is the one thing I try to keep constant, but that can mean anything from NYC Prep to joggers and Nikes.

Regardless, just know that 90% of what I wear cost me under $20. Style doesn’t cost as much as fashion does.


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  1. Ayren Cobb says:

    Hey Sarah,

    I wanted to quickly introduce myself, my name is Ayren Cobb and I am a fellow blogger. My site, The Quintessence Blog, is based on my love of adventures, traveling, and female empowerment. I am also a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant.

    I came across your blog and I really enjoyed reading through your posts. I love your vibe, and you have some pretty awesome fashion ideas.

    I am reaching out to you to ask if you have ever heard of the Mary Kay Beauty line. If so, do you have any questions or are you interested in trying out any of their products? I love my Mary Kay business and one of the most exciting things is to be able to offer customers discounts whenever I please because I truly believe it’s one of the best brands out there and everyone should be wearing it. I am willing to give you a 25% discount on any products you may purchase. Also, I want to integrate a page into my blog dedicated to showing off which bloggers are wearing Mary Kay or have purchased from me. With your permission, on the Mary Kay page in my website I would include a link to your blog.

    The link below will take you to our online catalog! Let me know if you have any questions.


    Looking forward to hearing from you,

    Ayren Cobb


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