Green room

Living in a room with minimal space and few options for decor (hello, plaster walls) has challenged me to reduce the amount of things I own, and use my space in a way that makes it feel less grubby and more warm and inviting by playing up it’s quirky character.

One of my favorite ways to do this has been to add plants to whatever nooks and crannies are available. Lucky for me this room has quite a few. The only challenge with plants is placing those that need the most light in strategic locations.

My current houseplant inventory includes:

– avocado tree

– cactus

– arrowhead

– jade

– a couple lucky bamboo stems

– peperomia

– schefflera (I think)

– one unknown (lost the tag ☹️)

And while some of these are easier to care for than others (I’m looking at you, arrowhead,) the most important things are just making sure they’re placed where they get enough light and they’re watered as needed. For the little work needed to keep them thriving, these babies have made my room feel so much more inviting and put together.

This whole plant thing all started when I was given a partially sprouted avocado seed at work – now the foot and a half tall baby tree next to my tv at home. Then I began working with a fertilizer brand and had an inside view into the houseplant/grow-your-own community on Instagram.

I’ve had some struggles so far with over watering (which can cause mold, root rot or even bugs) and over fertilizing (burnt leaves and soil) but over the last three months it’s been mostly smooth sailing because none of these plants are too picky. It’s a hobby I highly recommend to help brighten up your own space.

If you’re thinking of getting a few plants, the jade plant is a great place to start, if you have a space with medium to high light. If you have low light and are worried about not remembering to water your plants enough, try a snake plant – they’re nearly indestructible.

In additional to generally being an awesome person, @hiltoncarter, has great plant care and interior styling tips. I definitely recommend giving him a follow.

Spy my bag of organic soil there in the corner?

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