High & Low

Goodbye bland solids and boring stretch denim. This fall the fashion world is opting for bright hues and lots of patterns, plus high-waisted trousers (think 80’s) and chunky dad sneakers.

I played around with a few of these trends before I chopped my hair, and I can’t wait to try out a few more now that I have.

One way that I try to craft an edgy outfit is by mixing high and low pieces. A few of my go-to combos are:

– Tees with trousers (layer small necklaces to tie it together)

– Sneakers with dresses (try adding a cool pair of socks that hit mid ankle)

– Sweatshirts with heels/loafers (crop crop crop and wear with high waisted pants)

By dressing up loungewear and dressing down office wear we can get more out of our wardrobe. Not that that’s too much of an issue for me because I have slowly acquired a mountain of thrifted/discount clothes, but for those of you who keep their closet trim, it’s a great way to make the same few pieces feel more versatile.

I tend to get bored with clothes easily so this tactic helps me keep my closet feeling exciting and fresh. How do you keep things interesting?

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