Ethereal Summer

Tis the season for lovely summer weddings, but finding an outfit that makes you feel confident as well as comfortable is a different story.

Silk can be your best friend in the summer – it’s light, soft and feminine. But sometimes a structured fabric can hold everything in place and make you feel more secure. It all depends what you are looking for.

Personally, I love heading to consignment shops when I need to find something fancy to wear. You can find high quality for even the tightest budget. Quality to me is most important because it will dictate fit and comfort, and there’s nothing worse than realizing you are uncomfortable halfway through the night or needing to keep pulling up your dress/pants every five minutes.

This yellow dress had its tags still attached when I happened upon it at a consignment shop in Pittsburgh. It fit like a glove, and it was right when Beyoncé’s Lemonade dropped so I was all about this mustard yellow.

The baby blue number was a clearance rack find at a Banana Republic in Burlington, VT. My grandmother (one of my favorite shopping buddies) convinced me to try it on and after that I couldn’t say no.

My point is, you never know when or where the perfect piece will fall into your lap. It’s much harder to shop when there’s something specific you need to find in limited time. However, if you find a couple reliable consignment shops you can likely find something great, it just might not be what you had in mind.

To be honest, I don’t even have any weddings to go to, I just love an excuse to wear a fancy dress – and almost everyone I know has at least one wedding or shower to attend this summer. Given that I’m someone who barely has any interest in dating in the moment, it’s not much of a surprise that nearly none of my friends are in any stage of tying the knot – we all live life at our own pace and we need people who feel the same to keep us company along the way.

However, these dresses have been hanging untouched in my closet for a little too long and they needed to see the sunshine.

1image3image5 (1)image6image7image4

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