Red denim and Thursday Boots

Can I just say: thank god that high waisted jeans are back in style because I have short legs and scooped (is that the right word?) hips. Low rise just did not work for me.

These days I’m obsessed with non-stretch denim because it holds up better during the day than that stretch denim that’s baggy and wrinkled after a few hours. I’d rather invest in pieces that hold up during the day and stay comfortable.

As someone who is tempted to buy trendy pieces I often have to remind myself that investing in items I can wear all the time is better than buying that are exciting and different but unwearable in every day life.

I got the chance to try out a pair of Thursday Boots and they stayed comfy through the day too, even though I walked a mile or so in the sticky heat wearing them. This nude is the perfect neutral. I often dislike wearing boots because I don’t wear a lot of black and brown and 99% of boots are one of the two, but I’m intrigued to try wearing these more ways.



Photos by: @phitted_jake

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