New Year

I personally hope 2018 can be a year of change and growth for me, where I put more time into the things that make me better, like health and hobbies (this blog for example.) I’d love to travel more and learn new skills, maybe finally learn to consistently save money. Until then, here’s my take on a semi-sensible but still festive NYE outfit.

Kids don’t try this at home. I froze my butt off for these photos. Keep your jackets on outdoors or you will almost lose your fingers to frostbite.

I’m not much of a party animal so my NYE plans involve a night in with drinks and games, but for those who are going out, consider dressing for the weather not just that midnight kiss.

Try adding a turtleneck under your dress for an added layer of warmth. Throw on sock boots instead of heels and add a long, heavy coat to help you brave the wind.

Lastly, go for a good liquid lip that won’t rub off and embarrass you later when you finally look in a mirror.

And that’s all of my style tips for tonight.

Here’s to using the new year to do better, in all aspects of life. Cheers!

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