Let’s Get Real

Let’s get real.

Soon I want to post about what I love about fashion and personal style, but before that I want to take some time to explain myself and my lifestyle.

I’m sure you have all heard of anxiety disorders, whether you have one yourself or know someone with one. They affect everyone differently and to different degrees. For some people they are debilitating. Mine was for a time, but since then it has turned into my source of strength.

That may sound backwards. But when I find myself questioning my abilities, which happens regularly as my anxiety is often performance based, I ask myself whether I am unstable to succeed, or just scared to try.

I’ll be honest, most of the time I am scared to try. Failure is scary to me. But, I have failed enough in spite of my fears of it that I have realized failure is the best way to learn.

You never want change more than you do in the midst of failure.

When you acknowledge what it is you fear, you face your own faults. And when you face them you can overcome them, though with considerable effort.

Not acknowledging them means you never get that opportunity. You can’t fix a problem if you don’t admit its existence.

That’s my philosophy on life. Admit your faults, tackle them over time, and just keep doing that until you start to see someone you can be proud of, who maybe even surprises you, in the mirror.

So I started this blog amidst a failure. I went to college to become a cardio thoracic surgeon – a life long dream. I wasn’t prepared to handle the workload. The impending costs facing me forced me to realize that writing was the one thing that came naturally to me. Since then I have changed my goals to reflect a lifestyle that isn’t so harsh on my wellbeing but is also still malleable enough for me to make what I want of it.

I began blogging as a way to explore my hobbies and see if I could create a career out of any of them. But, in the face of all that change, a blog wasn’t something that could stay on my list of priorities.

Only recently have I felt the urge to start expressing myself again through clothes and through personal musings. This blog provided me an outlet to explore who I was when I needed it most. Now that a foundational lifestyle has been developed, I want to start looking to the future.

Style has always been a part of me. I’ll never fit into a box when it comes to how I present myself. This blog is my sanctuary, my escape from the mundane, my inspiration to make more out of the every day.

I can’t wait to start putting more of myself back into it.

These are a few pictures from moments I’ve enjoyed recently. Hoping to create more moments like these in the next month or so and even more in the coming new year.

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