Fresh Start

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the slogan: Just Do It. Nike is famous for it, and my dad has tried to motivate me with this saying so many times I wanted to forget it existed. But it’s true. To achieve anything, first, you have to do. Do the things you want, need, hate, fear, and obsess over until you get to where you want to be.

Sometimes I don’t want to blog. I take breaks. But, I realize that the only way to keep fashion and style in my life and to exercise my writing skills is to Just Do It. Usually, the final result of the photographs, outfits and words is something that I can be proud of. This blog has helped me get jobs and make friends. So I’ll keep on doing it.

Now that I’ve graduated (it’s about damn time!!) from university and am about to start a full time job, I hope I’ll have some more time to play around with my aesthetic and tactics. Hopefully this blog can grow professionally as I do.

Speaking of growing, lately I’ve taken to pushing my style boundaries. Patterns, jewelry and girlishness are all concepts I tend to shy away from, but they’re all in style right now, so I wore big, shiny earrings, a patterned peplum top, and ballet inspired flats. These items weren’t comfortable for me, but I knew they would work together, and when I put them on I felt like a new, more feminine and chic version of myself. Part of the reason I love clothes is that you can look like a new person every day.

*As seen in this outfit* a few of the trends to watch out for this spring are seventies florals, ruffles, lace up flats, and bold metal accessories.

Unlike the big bloggers, I don’t spend much money on trendy pieces, so I’ve looked out for relevant pieces in thrift stores and on clearance racks. Thus, almost everything I’m wearing cost under $10. I’ll give you the breakdown so you can see where I shop:

  • Earrings: $2, Wonderland Thrift Shop
  • Shirt: $3, Salvation Army
  • Jacket: $6, American Apparel
  • Belt: $10, Marshall’s (it’s Madden Girl)
  • Jeans: $48, ASOS (biggest clothing splurge I made this year, and totally worth it)
  • Shoes: $7, Target

So, I’m cheap. But it’s payed off so far.

DSC09070 (2)DSC09098DSC09069 (2)DSC09066DSC09057DSC09050

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Bobbi Brown says:

    Totally enjoy your blog and fashion concepts!


    1. Thanks so much! I really appreciate it!


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