Yesterday it was 65 degrees out and I took full advantage.

I’d been waiting to wear this coat for a couple months. I got it this Christmas, but it’s silk and I didn’t want to wear it out in the wet air, so I waited until Spring. I found this jacket at a consignment shop back in Maine called Cotillion Bureau, as well as a few other statement pieces. This piece is hand dyed by the shop’s owner Rebecca Earle. She sews by hand and upcycles pieces she finds by re-dyeing them. The second I tried on this jacket I fell in love with it’s soft shape and shoulder pads. You’ll probably see some of the other pieces I got from this shop on the blog, but they’re all very distinctive so I like to wait until I have a good reason to wear them.

The dress I found at another consignment shop in Pittsburgh. It’s Zara and it still had the tags on. It was the perfect edgy, preppy piece, which is basically my aesthetic. I debated wearing black heels with this outfit, but we were walking around so I opted for flats.

As you can see, I got rid of my purple hair, and just in time for the career fair. I’m currently job hunting which is actually pretty exciting, but also extremely stressful and time consuming. I’m also in school full time and working two jobs which is why I’ve only been posting on here once a month or so. But, it’s starting to be more fun to take pictures now that I have a photographer friend (@acephotos) who is willing to help me out.

That’s all for now, thanks for reading.

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