Sometimes I fall into a rut of wearing the same few styles of clothing, because they are what flatter my body shape best according to your typical societal standards. Usually this involves skinny jeans, t-shirt dresses, loose tops, and structured jackets. It’s my comfort zone.

Yesterday I decided that I was going to wear what I wanted to wear, even if it didn’t look the same on me as it did on the model I imaged wearing the outfit in my head, because I’m about six inches shorter than her and not quite so thin. I love seeing designers mess with proportions and challenge the standards of beauty. So I decided to wear a cropped boyfriend jean, and a shirt that flared out around my middle, and a jacket with wide arms. Because even if these clothes are all shapes that don’t fit or emphasize the “attractive” parts of my body – it’s still my body under there and this outfit doesn’t change that.

Honestly, this outfit made me feel sassy as hell. I got to walk around in loose, comfortable clothes, and a great pair of heels, and know that this outfit wasn’t one just anyone would put together. It was liberating. I’m a short girl. I’m just gonna go with it.

The purple hair is also liberating, but in a different way. I changed the color of my hair a. because the lady who bleached my roots took 4 hours and couldn’t get the color right and charged me a ton of money anyways, and b. because I only have a few months left before I become a part of the workforce and coloring my hair purple may no longer be an option. So the purple is sort of a goodbye to my college years.

If you’re thinking of experimenting with hair color, I’d highly recommend the L’Oreal Colorista  dyes. They’re ten dollars for a tube of color that’ll work for your whole head (unless you have super long mermaid hair,) and they wash out after a few showers. I’ve been using baby powder like it’s my job so I can keep the color for a little longer, and it’s held up pretty well. My roommate used the teal on her dark brown hair, and it wasn’t nearly as bold as this purple because her hair was so dark, but it was still pretty cool.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how people say college is the best few years of your life. And I disagree. I think the fun is just starting. Granted, I may be dirt poor for the next few years – but I get a say now. I’m not taking a prescribed list of classes and paying thousands of dollars to learn things I’ll never use again (like the Krebs cycle and how to tell what’s a fresco vs. an oil painting.) I get to apply to jobs in my chosen field, and if I work my ass off for long enough I may even get the exact job I want. And what is more fun than doing something you enjoy on a daily basis? And getting paid? Because even if you’re not working at the ideal job, at least you’re getting paid and not paying them like you do in college. Five years here was enough for me.

I’m not sure where I’ll end up after I graduate, and I’m not sure if I’ll ever go back to school, but if I do, at least it will be to focus on one subject, and learning won’t be about becoming a “well rounded person” by taking a million gen-eds. I’d rather be really great at one thing, than mediocre at everything.

The one great part about college is the friends. And I have my friend Adam (@acephotos) to thank for these pictures:

Jacket: Vintage Neiman Marcus | Top: Zara | Jeans & Heels: Banana Republic | Belt: Michael Kors | Wallet: Coach1921657153727

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  1. CurlyQ says:

    Love it Sarah! The pix are great!

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