Silk and Stripes

Okay if I’m being honest here this dress is polyester not silk, but I can dream right? I wanted to try this trend of layering dresses over shirts, and throwing a nod to the classic French style. So I started with a basic, grey-striped button down and then added this slip dress over top.

I have to say I love the Parisian trends right now. A spaghetti strap dress over a white t-shirt, or a button down tucked into high-waisted jeans, are so chic looking, but also pretty laid back – which is the essence of the fashionable French girl. The only thing I don’t like about this outfit is that a button down feels a little bulky underneath such a thin dress, and I think it made me look bigger than I really am, just a tad. But, I still felt pretty good and I’d probably wear it again.

I love when in the book “How to be Parisian,” they say the true Parisian woman always leaves something about her outfit undone. Wear an amazing outfit but no makeup, or a sleek dress but leave your hair natural. I’ve been trying to do it more lately, so I don’t look too put together.

They say a Parisian woman will wear red lipstick to go buy a baguette, but will go bare faced on a date. It’s unapologetic either way and I love it.

At first I could not for the life of me pick a shoe to wear, because the outfit is such a juxtaposition. I was trying on black pumps and blue loafers and black loafers, and finally I decided I needed to go with something that wouldn’t draw much attention (a nude shoe) but added a little quirkiness to the outfit to tie it all together.

So that’s how I put this ensemble together. There’s still a pile of shoes on my floor.

Also you may have noticed that I bleached my hair. Originally I was gonna go crazy and dye my hair a faded denim blue, because these are my last few weeks/months before I’ll have an office job and be doing interviews so it’s also my last chance to be irresponsible. But I got to the salon and their typical shade of blue was a Sonic The Hedgehog type color, and I decided to stick with this pale blonde. I’m actually a pretty big fan of it, and I can’t wait to try out some bold makeup looks. Also I can actually wear the color yellow now without it looking terrible.

Anyways that’s all for now,

sarah logo

Shirt: JCrew | Dress: thrifted | Shoes: BCBGeneration | Watch: Anne Klein


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