City Streetstyle

Yesterday I took a trip down to Boston with my best friend to hit up the big sale Zara has every summer, also to grab lunch at Quincy Hall, get coffee from The Thinking Cup (best cold brew EVER), and meander for a day around my favorite (so far) US city. I did manage to only buy one shirt at the Zara sale which was a feat in itself since I am typically horrible at saving money (will probably wear it on the blog soon because I’m pretty excited about it.) I am trying this summer to learn to be better at budgeting, which means that I probably won’t be going out at all next weekend so I can make up for spending a little extra this week/weekend. I just hate feeling like I’m wasting my summer by hanging out at home when there are so many cool places to go, but, I’ll be glad if I can save enough to buy all my books and still feed myself this coming school year.

ANYWAYS, now that my money rant is over…

Since we were heading to the city, and to Newbury street where all of the best shops and shoppers are, I figured I could branch out and wear a little crazier of an outfit than I would around Hampton. You should have seen my parents faces when I left the house in this dress, which they had assumed to be a silk bathrobe. Though it is silk, and does look like bathrobe, the ruching around the waistband and the sleeves with buttons did make it work IMHO as a dress. Plus, it was super comfy.

Because I knew we would be walking, I knew I needed to wear comfortable shoes. These gold slip-ons were the perfect mix of casual comfort and gold statement shoe to be paired with this wrap dress. I added this shiny gold watch to match the shoes and to add to the elevated but laid back look. The black bag matched the black and gold watch, and was big enough for me to carry my camera around in.  The shades were a new purchase from TJMaxx, because I needed better than Forever 21 quality, but for less than the boutique price. I almost bought a black metal pair, but I figured these would be more comfortable for regular wear. I lost my favorite Cole Haan pair and I’m still mourning them.

I had worn my hair in braids until they were ruined by the trying on of too many tops at Zara, and by that point I didn’t feel like taking the time out of my day in Boston to re-do them, so these pigtails were my only option. Speaking of hair, I think the shortest parts of my hair (the part where it had to be trimmed around my ears when it was shorter) are about an half inch or so away from being the length I need to wear my hair down. I finally got the back trimmed by a barber for $7 because I refused to pay $30 at a salon for them to barely touch it, so at least the back is neat enough that I can wear it half up now (only those short side pieces won’t fit in a pony so I have to pin them back which sucks.) Who would have thought that growing out a pixie would have caused me so many months of trouble? Certainly not me, I don’t remember it being this horrible back in highschool, but then again I did wear my hair in such a tiny pony tail for a long enough time that people started saying my head looked like a guppy. Fun times those were….

Guess I needed to go on two rants today. Well, thanks for reading, I hope you guys like my bathrobe dress.

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Dress & Shoes: Banana Republic | Shades: Velvet | Bag: Forever 21 | Watch: Anne Klein


P.S. Blake Lively wore a baby blue silk wrap dress to the whitehouse. In case you thought I was the only one. And she’s about as cool/fashion forward as it gets.

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