Neutral Day to Night

This is another day to night look, but I think it’s more adaptable than the other few I have done so far. I stuck to neutrals, and pieces that every woman probably owns for this one. A day to night look is a good idea if you know you’re spending the day with friends and then you have a date after, or if you’ve got a dinner after work (or something like that, not that anyone my age even goes on dates anymore.)

The staple pieces in both looks are a t-shirt dress and a cardigan. Like I said, most women should own these, and if you don’t you should consider investing in them. Both were in neutral colors because those are the most versatile, though these were warm neutrals as opposed to black and white. I personally like myself better in warm neutrals because I have a little olive in my skin tone as well as green eyes, plus I feel really grungy in black some times. I picked out a bag and some bangles that I knew I could use in both looks, so I didn’t have to bring much with me to change.

I curled my hair in the morning and let it fall into looser waves throughout the day. I also used brown shadow to give myself a neutral smokey eye.

Check it out, I hope you guys like this one.

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For day time I tied the cardigan around my waist since it was warm out, and because tying it kept the look casual. I wore a pair of strappy sandals that were comfortable for walking around in. I had the bag and bangles to add a little interest to this otherwise simple outfit.

Dress: Target | Sandals: Lucky Brand | Bag: Zara | Bangles: Alex and Ani | Sweater: Gap



For the night look I put on the cardigan and pushed the sleeves up so you could see my bangles. I added a long necklace with a neutral pendant, and I donned some neutral heels.Overall I tried to look dressed up, but not too dressy. My goal was to still be comfortable and keep things simple. If I had wanted to take things up a notch I might have added a thick belt around my waist, or a lip color (I’d have probably picked a rosy purple because purple and green usually stand out well next to each other, or a soft pink.)

Heels: Target


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