So, I tried wearing athleisure. I’m not totally sure how I felt about it, I guess I’d try it again which means it went alright. I can’t say I was totally comfortable out in public with these pants on, because I normally don’t wear workout clothes unless my whole outfit is gym appropriate, but I do like the overall vibe of this outfit. It made me feel kinda badass, which was cool.

Athleisure is a major trend right now, and honestly it makes a ton of sense because minimalism and low effort style are the major movements in fashion at the moment. No one wants to spend an hour picking out their outfit and getting dressed in the morning anymore. If you can do it in ten minutes and look put together, that’s the better option. And if you can look comfortable as well then you’ve basically just won your whole day.

A typical athleisure outfit is made by pairing workout clothes with wardrobe basics and a pair of cute sneakers. That’s exactly what I did here. I have on running pants and a sports bra, plus a basic black v-neck, a leather jacket, and white trainers. The sunglasses and bag were just things I grabbed on the go. Athleisure can also be a lot more complicated and interesting if you want it to be. Often times you see athletic wear used as a juxtaposition to a more elevated piece. Easy examples of this are graphic tees paired with pencil skirts, or joggers worn with heels – you might catch the fashion community wearing stuff like this in photos on Pinterest, but it’s not as easily translatable to every day life. Every once in a while I’ll try an outfit like that on in the morning, then look in the mirror and laugh at myself because I know I’ll never be ballsy enough to wear it out in public in small town New Hampshire, because I’ll stand out like a sore thumb. Granted sometimes standing out in public is a good thing, but you want it to be for the right reasons, and seriously overdressing is not always the best reason. I typically don’t like looking like I tried too hard, because I don’t want to come off as uptight (even if maybe I am a little bit.)

This type of outfit is a good option for all of you people who prefer leggings to jeans. I am not one of you, but I definitely was back in highschool #tbt.

I don’t really have any life updates for you guys, except that I think my house is supposed to go on the market next week. So life has still been pretty much just working and coming home to doing more work on the house. I mean my house looks awesome now, and I learned how to use a tile saw and lay mortar and some other cool things, but I haven’t really left Hampton in a few weeks other than to take a drive down the coast at night, and to go to work. So I’m itching to get down to Boston or something.

Anyways that’s all for now, thanks for reading!

sarah logo

Pants: Old Navy | Top & Shoes: Target | Bag: Forever 21 | Jacket: Black Rivet


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