A Lesson In Basics

Say hello to the first solo guest star on this blog to do an outfit post: Ms. Shelby Gavinski – owner of the Riptide Creations shop on Etsy, and fellow Instagram blogger (though hers focuses on her stellar hand lettering instead of clothes.) For this photo shoot the roles were reversed, and I got to play photographer while my best friend took a turn in front of the camera. We actually weren’t even planning this, but when we got to the park to do my last shoot we realized we might as well do two since Shelby’s outfit would also work as a stand alone blog post. So today we look to Shelby for tips on capsule wardrobe pieces, which is basically her specialty and which is something I tend to struggle with (because I get bored with basics and I like to buy crazy statement pieces which I then have trouble wearing more than a few times.) Shelby has managed to include mostly every single wardrobe basic into this one outfit, and the result is not at all boring.

Let’s start with the top. It’s a loose, gray linen tee with a wide v-neck. You could wear this shirt with pretty much any jacket or pant, as well as with a skirt or layered underneath another top. This shirt is the epitome of versatile. Shelby is also wearing a basic pair of skinny jeans. They key is that these jeans both fit her in the waist, and in the ankle. She chose to cuff them, but they aren’t ten miles too long or baggy in the wrong places (aka the crotch area or the knees). The wash of these pants is medium-dark which means that they aren’t so dark that they look too formal, but they also aren’t an acid wash of some sort that looks too casual. As far as denim washes go, this is the perfect middle ground.

On to the jacket: the canvas safari jacket. Unless you have been living under a rock you will have definitely seen people out and about wearing these jackets, and they are sold almost everywhere (I have one in a darker green bomber style that has been in multiple posts.) These jackets are the perfect finish to a casual outfit like Shelby is wearing because they are also in a casual fabric, and they’re loose and comfortable. They’re also great for dressing down some more elevated pieces, like a dresses or heels by providing a bit of a juxtaposition with the laid back fabric and cut.

What makes this outfit interesting are all of the accessories that Shelby added to elevate the basics she was wearing. Firstly she wore these cute nude sandals with woven straps, which are interesting but don’t draw too much attention. Then she added a simple brown belt, which you can catch just a glimpse of under the tuck of her shirt. She wore a bunch of Alex and Ani bangles in different metals and beads on one wrist, and a nude watch on the other. She added a cute, circle statement ring, a little gold stacking wring, and some stud earrings. Then she finished the look off with a leather clutch in the same brown as her belt. These pieces are how Shelby personalized a basic outfit, and made it HER style. If I were to have worn those same jacket, tee and jeans, I probably would have added different accessories, and then the outfit would have had a totally different feel. That is the beauty of an outfit based on capsule pieces, and that is why they are pieces worth investing in.

Since that was a long post, I’ll keep this outro short. Turns out I’ll be working three jobs this summer, so I’ll be pretty busy from here on out. I may only have one day off a week so I don’t know if I’ll be able to do as much adventuring as I wanted to, but I’ll try to do as many cool things close to home as I can. That’s all for now, thanks for reading.

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PS. Shelby doesn’t even like coffee lol. She actually was carrying mine around so I could use the camera, and so she didn’t have to worry as much about what to do with her hands in the pictures.

Top and Shoes: Old Navy | Jacket: Delia’s | Bracelets: Alex and Ani | Bag: Zara | Stacking Ring: HeartsofSilver (Etsy) | Circle Ring: James Michelle Jewelry | Watch: Target


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