Dressing Down

The other day I went to the thrift store to find some clothes for work because I was only able to pack my basics when I flew here. It ended up being dollar day! So I went crazy and bought 11 things for myself. I really hit the jackpot! Most of them ended up being brand name items, and I even got a full suit in great shape that fits almost perfectly. That thrift store is my all time favorite because they price everything at two dollars unless it’s a specialty item like a nicer coat. I’d tell you the name, but then you guys might buy up all the good stuff.

One of the items I bought was this dark green blazer from Jones New York. It fits a little looser and is made of a softer cloth material than most blazers, so I thought it would work really well for a dressed-down outfit. Underneath the blazer I wore a simple, baggy linen tee in a bubblegum color. I added a little gold chain to elevate the t-shirt a bit, without overpowering it. My best friend (who is actually going to star in my next blog post!) had these awesome New Balance trainers, and I thought they were the perfect shoe to finish off this outfit.

This little french braid hairdo is currently the only way I can style my hair to hide it’s unruliness. It’s taking so long for me to get a decent haircut because the front section of my hair won’t grow as quickly as the rest because of that time I bleached my hair back in October (I’m regretting that decision now lol.) Honestly, I’m debating getting bangs even though I don’t necessarily want them, because maybe it will help to cut off that bleached part of my hair so it can grow faster. I can’t decide. What are your opinions on bangs? I’d really love some help. I may just keep wearing my hair up for another month or so until it’s ready for a cut, plus wearing my hair up feels better in the heat. This wait has been infuriating.

This is definitely one of my favorite shoots I’ve done so far, so I hope you guys like it. I start my first marketing internship tomorrow, wish me luck!

Thanks for reading,

sarah logo

Top: Old Navy | Blazer: Jones New York (Thrifted) | Pants: Uniqlo | Shoes: New Balance | Wallet: Coach

DSC07068 (2)DSC07086DSC07112DSC07131DSC07236DSC07244

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