Weekend Wear

This week I went a much different direction than usual, and showed what I wear on casual days – typically weekends. Don’t get me wrong, I’m just like everyone else and there are weekdays where I leave the house in running pants and a ratty, old sweatshirt, but this look is sort of the happy medium between the outfits I typically post on here, and those lazy days.

This day, I was running errands and I knew I wanted to hang out with my best friend later and probably stop by a beach, so I put together an outfit that would be both good for messing around in and also perfectly presentable for being in public and maybe stopping by a bar for a beer. I had cut these jeans a few days prior, the style is called a mullet jean. It’s a super easy way to cut jeans that maybe don’t fit so well in the ankles or in the length, and it makes them a lot more modern. Plus, it’s not a super noticeable difference like the jeans in my last post.

This pullover was actually an old one of my brothers I think. It fit perfectly to give that casual but preppy menswear feel. I wore my favorite comfy tank underneath that I got for $3 at Old Navy. This was the first day I broke out my Birkenstocks for the warm season. I’ve had these babies since the 7th grade, far before they were considered cool. They sat unused in my closet for 5 years before I started wearing them again. These are probably the most comfortable shoes you can find because of the arch support. So, if you don’t think they’re a worthy buy as far as a trendy piece, they might not be but they are definitely worthy for comfort.

If you don’t follow me on Instagram, you might not know that my family is moving this summer! So my days as of late have been filled with rehabbing my house before we put it on the market. By the end of summer I’ll have some cool new locations to shoot from, and a bedroom that’s maybe a third of the size of my current one. The house is an old colonial one from the 1800’s though, so it’s pretty cool and it’s right on the water which will be awesome, plus it’s a big project because it hasn’t been taken care of very well so it’ll be like a clean slate to makeover, though that probably won’t all happen at once. I’m looking forward to drinking my morning coffee on a deck overlooking the water, and swimming as often as possible. Also, I’ll hopefully be starting work soon so I may be posting some more work appropriate outfit ideas. Though, I may not be working at a place with a formal dress code. So stay tuned for that! And now that it’s getting to be nice out, I advise that anyone reading this take a day to go adventuring, whether it’s hiking, spending a day in the city, or just finding somewhere new. I’m hoping to start doing more adventuring soon, but my car isn’t working right now so it may be a while before I will have available transportation.

Hopefully there will be some cool things to come this summer, and maybe even a revamped website if I can afford WordPress Premium once I have a stable income.

Thanks for reading!


Sweater: Polo | Watch:Arvo | Top: Old Navy | Jeans: Thrifted | Shoes: Birkenstock


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