Pastel Pink

Hey guys! I know I wore this shirt on the blog a couple of weeks ago, but like all real people who don’t have unlimited budgets, I do in fact repeat clothes semi often. So I’m wearing this top in an entirely different look. Before I was going for a comfortable, slouchy look for studying. This time I dressed for the bars, and let my bralette hang out. I paired these  pieces together in order to achieve somewhat of a monochrome look with the pink bralette and jacket, and with the darker pink/red shirt. Then I paired it with jeans to make the look more casual, and added black accents with the bag, shoes, and shades so that the pink wasn’t too overly feminine.

This is my favorite spring jacket. I am completely obsessed with it. Not only is the cut perfect, but the color is great for spring. It’s also very comfortable because it’s not leather like most moto jackets are, its a cloth with some stretch to it. I’ll probably be wearing it a lot as the weather finally starts getting warmer. Plus, I only brought a couple of jackets home with me so I really don’t have that many options.

I finally figured out a way to wear my hair that I like, so I’ll probably be wearing it like this for a little while until it grows out to a length I can work with (or some variation of this). I braided both sides back, so it sort of looks like a half-up do.

Sidenote: how cute was this location? I love being home and seeing all of the colonial houses. It’s so quaint and authentic.

Well, that’s all for now!


Jacket: Banana Republic | Shoes: American Eagle | Top & Shades: Urban Outfitters | Bralette & Bag: Forever 21


(When you find a cool, old Honda, you take a pic with it.)


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