Travel Tips

So this weekend I had to pack to go home to New Hampshire for the summer. I needed enough clothes to make it though 4 months of work, the beach, bars, and adventures. It goes without saying that fitting all of that in a suitcase was tough. Luckily, I had this big roller suitcase and my backpack to fill.

I’m going to try to give a short synopsis of what I packed, for those of you who are going abroad and such to get an idea of how I do it.

Tops: Basic button downs, short sleeve work blouses, simple tanks/tees, statement beach/bar tops, t-shirts for exersize

Jackets: 2 Blazers, moto jacket, jean jacket, trench, khaki jacket

Bottoms: Pencil Skirt, work pants, culottes, statement skirt, light and dark skinnies, wideleg pants, high-waisted green skinnies, running pants, joggers

Dresses: T-shirt dresses, beach dress, statement dress

Shoes: Black pump, colored pump, strappy heel, white trainers, slip-on vans, dressy sandal, birkenstocks, black and navy loafers, nikes

Hats: Beach hat, baseball hat, dressy hat, beanie

It sounds like a lot, and it is, but four months is a long time to plan for. Basically, I tried to pack as many simple pieces as possible and one statement piece in each category of clothing.

My travel rule is to wear your biggest pieces, which for me in this case were my trench and my Nikes. After that just try to be comfortable. I was talking with my friend about mixing workout wear with a preppy coat, so I wore running pants and a pullover under my trench. I added a beanie mostly because planes can get cold sometimes, and also because it makes leaning your head against the wall to sleep a little more comfortable.

Travelling went fine otherwise. My backpack fit perfectly in the carry-on space, and my tote with my laptop fit underneath the seat in from of me. I took two planes with only two seats per row, so I never got stuck in a middle seat. My second flight got pushed back three times, so I didn’t get home till 2am, but there weren’t any major issues otherwise. Though the second I got back I got a sinus infection, so I’ve spent all day today on the couch. Otherwise, it’s nice to be back and I can’t wait to go to all of the places I’ve been missing while I was in Pittsburgh, so stay tuned!


Trench and beanie: H&M | Top: Banana Republic | Leggings: Under Armour | Shoes: Nike


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