Breezy Button Down

Wearing pants today probably wasn’t my best idea, but in my defense I had no idea it was eighty degrees when I got dressed. I did know it would be warm out though so I wore a pink, floral crop-top and threw on a thin, striped button down over the top. I usually think it’s really cute when I see bloggers wear a loose button down and they leave it open to show their bralette underneath, but when I tried wearing my shirt like that I felt naked. Thus, this mini crop is my alternative to the bralette. I am wearing a bralette underneath this top (the dark pink color) and that is because I DESPISE bras when it’s hot out because they’re so restricting and they trap all the heat in. (Say no to boob sweat. Sorry guys it is a thing.)

I’m not a fan of shoes that flop around and fall off your feet like most flip flops and t-straps do, so these sandals are my alternative. They’re really comfy and they’re almost like a transition shoe for between the seasons because they cover more than the average sandal but they still keep your feet cool. I do really want to buy a pair of slides for this summer though since I destroyed my favorite pair of sandals last summer.

That’s all for now, thanks for reading,


Button down: Forever 21 | Crop, Bralette, & Shoes: Urban Outfitters | Jeans: AEO | Bag: Coach


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