Wide Leg

I guess my theme for the blog as of late has been how to wear some of the new trends. So the one I’m talking about this week is the cropped, wide-leg jean. At first I was scared to try wearing these because I thought they might make me look like a frumpy, super short mom, BUT, I actually really like these because they fit great in the hips which is where it counts! So if any of you end up looking for a pair of wide leg pants, my advice is to make sure they still fit you through the hips like a pair of skinny jeans would, that way they don’t make you look bulkier than you are. There are a lot of cool variations of this style of pants right now, and I am really into the ones with frayed bottoms or a section of darker blue right before the bottom. As you know I buy a lot of my clothes from Banana Republic, so I know for a fact that you can find all of these styles at their store on sale right now.

My new style goal is to start incorporating more patterns into my outfits, so I’m starting off with the most basic pattern of all – the horizontal stripe. And of course it is a neutral. I also might be moving home for the summer which means that I will be living with only what I can pack in a suitcase for around 3 months, so I’ll be packing as versatile of a wardrobe as possible. I may even be posting about it, if I have the time.

Also if you are wondering why my hair color is different than my roots, it’s because I bleached my hair a few months ago, and the brown dye I used to cover it has been slowly fading away. I’m not going to dye over again though because I’m trying to keep my hair as healthy as possible. And anyways maybe it will end up looking a little ombre once my hair finally gets to bob length. And lastly, for makeup I tried something new and did a little  winged eye with a copper liner for a subtle, but fun touch. I also finally found the only nude lipstick that has ever looked natural next to my skin tone, and I wasn’t even the one to buy it, it was a free Clinique sample my friend didn’t want. The color is Matte Suede.

Speaking of Banana Republic, everything I am wearing is by them except for my trench which is from H&M and my watch which is by Arvo. (I swear I didn’t mean for that to happen.) Actually my watch (The Good Samaratime) is 50% off right now on Arvo’s website! So if you are looking for a comfy, minimalist timepiece you might want to check it out!

That’s all for now!

[It’s Elementary, Dear]



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