The Statement Color Shoe

So I bought these short heels a while back for $13 and I thought they were the perfect thing to wear to celebrate it being spring. Finding a way to wear them that wasn’t boring was a bit of a challenge though. I know it’s everyone’s instinct to wear all black or just neutrals when you’re wearing a statement color, but there are ways to change it up without looking like an explosion of bright colors.

To keep the outfit semi casual I wore denim instead of black jeans or pants. Then I layered this simple white tank under a muted blue blazer. I added the little blue necklace because the neckline of the tank was pretty low. I could have tied the tank in a knot or tucked it in, but I left it out so the outfit would look sort of slouchy and not too put together. The sleeves to this blazer actually don’t button so they either have to be rolled or left loose, and I just rolled them because they’d have annoyed me flapping around. Almost any jacket could be thrown over this tank and jeans and it would probably look okay with the outfit, it just depends what sort of look you are going for. I could have worn my military bomber jacket for a more laid back feel, or my black tuxedo style blazer for a dressier one. This blue jacket was like the middle ground.

So, next time you buy a statement piece, maybe consider switching it up instead of going for the basic neutrals.

Jacket: Express | Jeans and Heels: Banana Republic | Sunglasses: Cole Haan


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  1. Curlyq says:

    Love this look!! Great pictures too!


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