In a Blue World

Today is warm and I am LOVING IT. I even bought a doughnut in celebration (I know I said I’m dieting, but a treat is okay every once in a while.) This afternoon I ditched the long sleeves and donned this safari shirt I normally layer under a grandfather cardigan. I really love jean on jean and I don’t think it’s going out of style any time soon, so I wore jeans and a tied jacket in the same faded shade of blue. Slip on vans are pretty popular right now, and though these aren’t actually that brand, they’re really comfortable and the gold is kind of a cool touch since most people own them in black or white, and it almost acts like a nude.

These are my favorites of all of the jeans I own. They’re petites (because I’m only 5’4”) from Banana Republic, and they fit my legs and butt perfectly. The waist gets a little loose, but for me that always happens with pants. Speaking of the fit of pants, I absolutely hate low rise jeans. Or low rise anything. If you have a flat stomach and nicely shaped hips then you can probably pull them off, but if you have any weight on your hips or if you have that little pooch almost all women get, a low rise jean just accentuates that and makes it look like you’ve got a rockin’ love handle. Personally that’s not a look I am a fan of, so I gravitate towards pants that sit at the top of my hips, but aren’t a high rise up to my belly button. I think they make your hips look smoother, and they cover tummy trouble areas. (Yes, I am small, but that does not mean I have a nice flat stomach. I think I drink too much beer for that.)


Jeans, Top & Shoes: Banana Republic (maybe I should branch out a bit more) | Jacket: Gap | Watch: Arvo | Wallet: Coach

Enjoy the weather! Go for a walk or take a book and sit on a bench and read, it’s beautiful out! Thanks for reading!

[It’s Elementary, Dear]

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Sweetpea, love this look and it advice! One word…. You are not dieting, you are working on changing your eating lifestyle. You are petite and thin enough, and dieting doesn’t convey the changes you are making. I’m sure your readership will appreciate the difference! Keep up the good work, I always look forward to your posts and advice!


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