Valentine and Wine

Here is my Valentine’s look. It’s comfortable, and simple, but still in the color scheme of V-day. I think burgundy and navy is a nice and soft alternative to red or pink and black. This dress was off the shoulder and it made me feel a little exposed so I added a choker to take away from my totally bare top.

I actually went somewhere else a few days ago for my Valentine’s date, but I wanted to do a shoot with what I wore, so for this I did a wine tasting at Pittsburgh Winery with my lovely friend and photographer Julia, featured in the last picture.

For makeup I wore a lip that matched my dress, and a grey smokey eye. I also lined my waterline which I don’t normally do. I think it looks better when wearing grey than brown, because sometimes if the liner isn’t in the same color scheme as your shadow it can make your eyes look smaller.


BTW this is me IRL ^. If you look closely you can tell I don’t really put any weight on my left foot in these pictures. I wore loafers out to dinner the other night because I can’t walk around or even crutch around in heels.


Dress: Urban Outfitters | Heels: Banana Republic

Thanks for reading and Happy Valentine’s Day!!

[It’s Elementary, Dear]

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