Holiday Ready


Top: Banana Republic | Sweater: Express | Jeans: Uniqlo | Shoes: Forever 21 | Scarf: AEO

Do me a favor and just ignore the fact that I have one leg of my jeans rolled up and the other not. I was trying out a different pair of shoes and forgot to unroll my pants after….

So since apparently like every girl alive owns a variation of this same blanket scarf, I decided to borrow it from my roommate and make an outfit with it for the holidays. First I wanted to wear bright red with it because 1. a few bloggers I follow have rocked it lately, and 2. I wanted that to be the color pulled out of the scarf. If I had worn a mint green colored shirt, mint green would seem like the most dominant color in the scarf, but since I’m wearing red, that is where your eye is drawn. It’s a basic concept but it’s important if you ever want to mix patterns. The same concept applies with mixing patterns, which is why it’s always better to make sure there is a cohesive color scheme in both patters, or your eye won’t know where to go and it will seem overwhelming. Maybe I’ll mix patterns one of these days.

I also love the color oatmeal for winter, because I think it’s like a warmer version of white, and thus looks perfect in sweaters. Oatmeal also pairs easily with any neutrals. I got this sweater years ago, but the style has stayed popular the last few years which made this a worthy splurge piece. It’s really warm too.

Metallics are wicked popular during the holidays, so a metallic flat is an easy way to wear the trend on a simple day look. I think point flats tend to elongate the legs more than the round toe kind, so I’m definitely partial to them. The same principle applies to heels. These shoes are super uncomfortable because it’s taking me forever to break them in, but Banana Republic has some really cute ones that are on sale right now for cyber weekend.

That’s all for now. I’ll try to do a shopping post at some point this week!

Thanks for reading,


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