Flashing Some Midriff


Skirt: Thrifted | Shirt: Forever 21 | Heels: Banana Republic

I said I would change it up in my next shoot, so that is what I tried to do here. I got a little dressy, but I tried to keep it fun. I wore an accordion pleated, column skirt I bought at a thrift store a long time ago, and then I wore a thick crop top with elbow length sleeves. I left a little bit of midriff showing, and I added a basic black pump.

For me a good outfit is all about balance, so I tried to balance out the open midriff with a sleeve. If I had worn say a tube top or something with straps, this look would have  been far more risque. Risque isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but for a museum look, it wouldn’t have quite fit. What I’m wearing here I think could work for any number of events, ranging from a dinner date to a girls night out on the town. In fact when I was at the museum, they happened to be hosting an event, and this outfit blended in perfectly with the crowd that attended. However, this outfit is just interesting enough to not be boring. I mean who do you know that owns a skirt like this? Probably no one. To me those are sometimes the best pieces to buy at the thrift store, because even if you only can wear it once, if it only cost you $2, it’s not that big of a deal. Another rule for me when wearing a crop top, and not trying to look overly sexual, is to limit the amount of skin you are showing to about two inches. It’s enough to be playful, but still keep things relatively toned down.

After I did my roommates makeup in my last tutorial, I went out and bought the ELF eyebrow kit. It’s like a brown gel that comes in different shades, and you can feather it into your eyebrows to both fill them in and keep them in place. The gel is neater looking than if you were to fill your brows with powder (which I do sometimes). I also painted on a cat eye and I used powder to give myself a gradient gold eye. I also wore a red lip called “Chunkist Chili” by Clinique (their chubby sticks are totally worth the money!). I wanted a color that was still bold, but toned down for fall.

Sidenote: I tried to find decently cheap black heels recently, and I could not find any under $70 that weren’t like walking in hard plastic. These are quite comfortable as far as heels go, they were like $130 originally, but Banana Republic has 40% sales pretty regularly, so I got them for cheaper. I could wear these for hours before they start to bother my feet, and even then it’s only because I have bunions (I know, it’s annoying). I would definitely say these were worth the splurge.

I’m going to do a gift giving guide soon, so stay tuned for that because I already have some pretty cool ideas, and Christmas is only about a month away.

Thanks for reading!


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