Pinstripes and Pumpkins










Sweater: Vintage Yves Saint Laurent | Jacket: Express | Jeans: Uniqlo | Shoes: Dr. Scholl’s | Bag: Frankie and Johnnie

You guys know I like to thrift shop right? Because almost everything I’m wearing in this shoot was bought at thrift stores. This sweater is vintage YSL, and it is one of my fall favorites. This jacket is from Express and I thrifted it with the tags still on. I got it a year or two ago just because I thought it was cool, and then this year pinstripes came back and now it’s PERFECT for a trendy layered look. Plus, it’s double breasted, and who can say no to a double breasted blazer? I love a good retro look.

These jeans are Uniqlo, and I just happened upon them at a thrift store and they fit me perfectly in the length and the leg. They are a little big in the waist so sometimes I need to wear a belt with them, but hey you can’t have everything if you’re only willing to spend like $10 right? I did once find the perfect pair of Levi’s at a goodwill and they fit me everywhere, but I ripped them the other day (such a sad moment) and now I need to find a new pair of go-to jeans. Hey if any of you have brand suggestions for a short girl with skinny ankles, let me know!

This shoot took place at Soergel’s Orchards in Wexford, PA. I got to pet goats, which if you didn’t already know, are one of my favorite animals. Look at some videos of baby goats if you haven’t before. Halloween is my favorite holiday aside from Christmas, so every fall I get really excited and I need to go to an apple farm, because I grew up right next to one. Cider donuts are one of my favorite foods of all time, and they are heavenly if you get them warm straight out of the oven. Unfortunately Sorgel’s was out by the time I got there, and the one’s my mom sent me from home got lost in the USPS, so the universe has been conspiring to keep me from getting cider donuts. Anyone feel like helping a girl out and sending me some? 😉 I did buy a few gourds to decorate my house with, and a bottle of wine because the Arrowhead wine they sell is so delicious and grapey and I couldn’t help myself.

That’s all for now,

Thanks for reading,


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