Layer Up



OBV if you find a sign that says “Make Yourself a Butterfly,” you make yourself a butterfly.




And when you find a birds nest, you pretend to be a bird.







Jacket: Gap | Jeans: Uniqlo | Sweater: Banana Republic Factory Store | Shoes: Everlane | Bag: Frankie and Johnnie

I got to hang out with my best friend among the tropical plants today. It was pretty awesome. It smelled like fresh wilderness instead of city smog which was a nice and welcome change. Today the temp stayed around fifty degrees today, so I figured it was finally time to take out my all time favorite sweater! It’s a men’s sweater from the Banana Republic Factory Store that I bought for $4. The front is ribbed and the sleeves are a waffle texture. It is unbelievably comfortable, and I love it with skinny jeans.

Lately my go-to has been jean on jean because it’s cold enough to need a jacket sometimes, and this old one from the Gap (it’s actually my roommates that I took hostage a few weeks ago) is super soft and a little grungy. Comfy layers was really the theme of this outfit. These shoes are the most comfortable pair I own, this is also probably because they’re one of the most expensive pairs I own. Even this bag though is soft wool, so it too is comfortable to wear.

For my makeup in this one, it’s hard to see in these pics but it looked really cool in person, I did a pinkish nude eye. I used a rosy color for the crease and angled it out a little bit, then used it under the edge of my lower lashes. I filled in my lid with a pale pink and used it to line the bottom inner corner of my eye. Then I filled in above my crease with a soft nude, and used a pale shimmery nude under my eyebrows. I used a brown pencil line to do a soft line on my upper lashes, and then used my favorite mascara – Maybelline Lash Discovery. Check out the fern pic, it’s probably the best you can see it.

I’m gonna leave it at that for now, because I have a very large amount of homework to do.

Thanks for reading,


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  1. Love your outfit! And you pretending to be a bird in a birds nest cracked me up 😂

    Liked by 1 person

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