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Dress and Bag: Forever 21 | Shoes: Target

This post is a little bit of my advice about how to keep effort minimal, but your style on point.

I don’t know how the weather is in the rest of the country, but in Pittsburgh it’s been back and forth between ninety and fifty degrees for a few weeks now, so I keep going from dressing like its fall to mid-summer and back. This was one of the hotter days.

One of the more popular bloggers that I follow – Something Navy – always rocks t-shirt dresses and white trainers, so I figured I’d give it a shot. I’m not 6 feet tall and rail thin, but I still liked how I looked and felt in this outfit. There’s something about looking like you have your shit together, when really you put in no effort, that feels great. Call me lazy if you want, but I just will never believe that wearing a well thought out outfit is more important than ten extra minutes of sleep. The thing is, you can come up with a well thought out outfit in a manner of minutes, people just never tend to think of the right outfit on the first try. I guess the whole reason for this blog, is that I want you guys to see what I think about when I get dressed in the morning, so you know what types of things to think about too, and then you can really develop your own styles.

To me style is such an important thing, because I consider first impressions to be extremely important. If I look at someone and it seems like they didn’t care to buy clothes that fit them, or they couldn’t be bothered to wear anything but a sweatshirt, it makes me wonder how much effort they put into the other aspects of their life. But the thing is, if I saw someone else in the outfit from this post, I would assume they care about their personal appearance and first impressions and such, and no more effort went into this outfit than would go into that sweatshirt and skinny jeans combo. This is my life’s philosophy: do everything you can to get it done, but don’t create extra work for yourself. Efficiency is key. The funny thing is that I learned this philosophy through being that person who never wore anything but sweatpants and a bun, and by doing everything last minute and stressing myself out to the extreme.

Alright I’m done preaching now. I hope you guys got my point out of that.

A white trainer, or a grey pair of slip on vans are both excellent ideas for shoes you can throw on with almost any outfit in the morning, and still look put together. Obviously the same goes for a t-shirt dress, which can be worn with any shoe or jacket you’ve got.

I wear the same sterling silver studs and baby hoops every day. They go with everything, they don’t bother my ears, and they are okay to sleep in. This way it takes an extra few minutes out of my morning routine, because I don’t have to pick out new ones to wear. The only time I change my earrings is if I need to get dressed up, and I think the outfit needs more of a statement earring.

Lastly, when it comes to purses, I am not one of those girls who keeps 7 million things in my bag that I constantly need to dig through. I keep a small wallet, my passport (because that’s my only current working form of ID), a tube of chapstick, and my keys. Sometimes I keep a planner, depending where I am going. Then I may add something small like a lipstick for touch ups, or a pair of earbuds, depending on the day. That way if I want to use a different purse, it only takes me a few seconds to switch everything over. I don’t know why girls think they need to constantly carry lotion around and six different chapsticks and 10 hair clips. When I had long hair I kept an elastic on my wrist and maybe two bobby pins in a pocket in my bag. What else do you really need? Put your lotion on in the morning, or before bed, and you should be fine.

Those are all the tips I have for now, I really don’t think this post needs to be any longer.

Thanks for reading, I hope you got something out of this.


P.S. I apologize if this was a little snarky, I’m feeling extra sassy today.

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  1. I love the sass! I agree that efficiency is key & I really enjoyed reading this post.

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    1. Thank you so much! That really means alot


  2. I’ll never forget working in a very high-end department store and one day, a lady who looked homeless came in. Ratty coat, frizzed out grey hair down to her butt, wearing white running shoes came in and bought $30,000 worth of clothing. She was a Supreme Court Justice. From that day on, I never, ever judged “a book by its cover” again (she was lovely too).


    1. Haha that’s a great story. Maybe she didn’t want to be looked at like a judge all the time? Thanks for your feedback!

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      1. I guess so. I couldn’t help but ask her “what the occasion was” requiring such a major wardrobe overhaul. She said that she had been planning it for a while and just wanted to feel “pretty and pulled together”. She felt she had been neglecting herself for years since work was so busy. After her shopping frenzy, she was off to cut and colour her hair. She came back a few hours later and she looked beautiful. One of my fondest memories.


      2. That’s awesome! I think my goal is for no one to ever feel like they need to neglect style because they don’t have time for it. If dressing better helps you feel better about yourself, you should do it. It’s awesome that that woman finally went for it, but it’d be nice if it didn’t have to be such a radical transformation. Then she wouldn’t have spent so many years neglecting herself. 🙂

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      3. True. I was floored though. I wish I took before and after pictures of her. She sort of looked like the witch from Snow White and then transformed into a sparkling Hillary Clinton clone – lol!

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  3. Adorable – t-shirt dresses are the best. And your hair is on point!!!

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