Study Chic and Comfy


Shirt and Jacket: Banana Republic | Jeans: Levis | Shoes: Everlane | Backpack: Herschel

One of the more annoying parts of being a college student, is deciding how to dress when going to study. You’re surrounded by classmates in a giant library, and you’re going to be there for who knows how many hours. Do you dress cute and try to catch the eye of an attractive engineer? Or do you dress in comfy sweats so you’re not uncomfortable by the time hour two rolls around? My solution is to kill both birds with one stone. I dress for comfort, in items that still look stylish, and I am always prepared to stay for hours.

Step one is to wear a comfortable flowy top. Things with elastics, or skintight shirts will start to feel suffocating when you’ve been sitting for hours and your stomach is all scrunched up because you’re leaning over the table writing lab reports. A flowy top will reduce discomfort, and also keep you from feeling self conscious about tummy rolls.


Step two is to wear a jean with a lot of stretch. For me the most uncomfortable part of wearing jeans usually tends to be the waistband. For my pants to stay up without a belt, the waist usually needs to be pretty tight, and if its straining against my hips for too long it will start to get almost painful. These Levi’s legging type jeans are perfectly stretchy for sitting.


Step three, bring a jacket. Some buildings will be hot, and others will be cold. It’s hard to concentrate on what you’re doing when you’re shivering and your hands start getting crampy because they’re cold. So even when it’s hot out, it is a good idea to bring a jacket, and while you’re not wearing it to tie it around your waist as a cute little statement.


Always always always wear comfortable shoes, because cold, hot, or cramped feet are going to start seriously bothering you if you know you’ve still got hours of studying to go, plus a walk home across campus. I chose these leather loafers because the leather is nice and soft and molds to my feet. They are also pretty good for keeping your feet at a reasonable temperature. Any trainer, however, will work just as well.


I like to keep a smaller bag inside my backpack, like this “TOMBOY” one from Banana Republic, so that if I need to run out for a minute and grab a coffee or something, I don’t have to spend the time fishing everything out of my backpack, I just grab the bag and go. Plus this one folds up pretty easy, so it doesn’t take up too much room, even with some stuff inside.


Lastly, I’d keep jewelry to a minimum. Writing and typing when you are wearing bracelets and rings can be really annoying. The bracelets jingle against everything, and the rings will get uncomfortable if you’re using your hands a lot. Earrings can end up hanging down in your face if you’re leaning over to work, so I like to wear cute studs instead of anything that dangles.

Bringing water is always a good idea, as well as some healthy snacks to keep you from thinking about food the whole time you’re working. Graze Snacks is a cool company that sends individually packaged snack portions of healthy and organic food. I’ve been getting them for almost a year probably and they’re perfect for a grab and go option.

That’s all for now!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Curlyq says:

    Great post Sarah!!! Love your new shoes!! I will have to check out their website! Happy studying.

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  2. Bhavika says:

    I love your bagpack ♡

    Liked by 1 person

  3. astateofruin says:

    Super cute outfit! Perfect for the library in my opinion 🙂

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