Chopped – By: Studio RAW

For a long time, I had this feeling of fear every time I realized it was time for me to get a haircut. The reason for this is that I’ve never truly trusted a hair stylist after having a few bad experiences with them. Even my boring hair cuts never turned out just right. No one really ever understood how to work with my poofy but thin hair, and everyone had trouble shaping the cuts right to frame my face. Finding a salon full of stylists who you can trust to get it right every time is a big relief. With my first trip to Studio Raw, I found that. I knew from the second I walked in that I was going to love my new haircut.

A simple way to tell whether or not a salon is worth going to is whether or not they have repeat customers, and how difficult it is to get an appointment. Chances are if the salon is usually empty and can take walk-ins whenever, it’s because they don’t have a big clientele who trust them and come back regularly. Studio RAW is busy, but they are busy because everyone who goes there wants to come back again.

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I was in awe when I walked into the studio and saw such a bright, clean and lively atmosphere. Everyone was talking to each other and giving hair feedback and working diligently. I was taken to a sink by a woman who washed my hair until a comb ran through it more easily than I have ever seen in my life (what magic?). I got to talk to Dan, the owner, about what I was looking for in a cut, and ask for his help with deciding between getting an inverted bob and a long pixie cut. He talked to me for a minute, and then told me exactly what I needed to hear – that I would never be happy with a mainstream, simple haircut because I needed something more urban and exciting to fit my personality. And thus it was decided that I should get a long pixie.

Since I had about six inches of hair that needed to be cut off, I figured I would be in the chair for at least half an hour to 45 minutes. However, Dan was able to look at my face and know immediately what shape of a pixie would look best on me. Twenty minutes later, I was taking the “after” pictures with Dan so we could see my transformation. The cut was feathered perfectly around the sides of my face, and faded softly down to my neck, framing my face perfectly. I have never been so happy with a haircut in my life. I had thought that I really liked my hair before this cut, but when I was looking at the “before and after” pictures, I realized that it did nothing for me. My old cut was thicker on bottom than on top, and longer in the back than the front which made my shoulders constantly look hunched. This new one elongates my neck and makes me look a little older and more sophisticated.





I owe so much thanks to Dan for giving me a new-found sense of confidence, because this cut makes me feel more like myself. I finally can look in the mirror and see how the cut perfectly emphasizes my sense of style. I will probably never go to another Pittsburgh hair salon again, because I know that I can feel at ease in a chair in Studio RAW and trust that I will have a good outcome.

Perhaps the most amazing thing about Studio RAW is that it has bloomed into a beautiful business in the face of a lot of adversity. Dan wasn’t originally planning to own his own studio, but after coming back to Pittsburgh from Los Angeles, he realized that he couldn’t find a studio to work for that had a great reputation, and fit the aesthetic he was looking for. So, he worked with his mother to build up Studio RAW; though the old building burned down a few years back, a new one has come up in its place and is more impressive and inviting than any other studio I’ve gone to. In the last few days since going, I’ve recommended Studio RAW to at least ten friends who said my haircut had inspired them to maybe try a new cut too! So I will do the same to all of you Pittsburgh residents. Don’t settle for a walk-in at the random studio down the street. Studio RAW is fifteen minutes outside of the city and it is well worth the drive. Next time you need a cut, go to a stylist who can give you exactly what you are looking for. A women’s cut runs about $40 average, and men’s are $25, and you will definitely get what you pay for.

Located at 3185 Babcock Boulevard in Pittsburgh, Studio RAW also offers a kitchen full of refreshments, a living room, and an entire spa downstairs. If any of you have any questions about my experience, comment below or email me at and I’ll be happy to answer them! To schedule an appointment with them, call (412)-367-2444.






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  1. Curlyq says:

    Love the before and after, I definately think the new cut shows off your beautiful face. I know you have been looking for an urban chic cut for a long time! I also think it makes your eyes pop! Sounds like you found a great studio!

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