Little Grey Dress







Dress: Silence and Noise (Urban Outfitters) | Shoes: Alfani | Bag: Forever 21 | Necklace and bracelet were gifts

These days my biggest concern when buying clothes is how many ways can I wear it, and how many different things can I wear it with. This dress can be worn in pretty much any way with anything. Grey is the neutral that easily matches all other neutrals, and with all the other colors. This dress could be worn with a blazer, or a khaki jacket, or a heel, or a sneaker, or a sandal. It provides infinite outfit possibilities, and to me that is HUGE.

For an easy, put-together look I just paired the dress with a comfy ankle boot because its nearing fall and I am going to slowly transition into fall wear, instead of going from wearing a sundress one day to Ugg boots and a NorthFace the next like many college girls do. I felt like the outfit needed a little more than just a dress and a shoe though so I added a little silver necklace (actually it was my 8th grade graduation present) and this handmade bracelet my mom got for me. I kept my makeup basic, and parted my hair in the middle for a sleek look.

It will make your life a lot easier if you slowly try to build a wardrobe of pieces like this dress that can be worn in a bunch of different ways. This is called a capsule wardrobe, which basically means you can wear every piece with every other piece so you almost never run out of new outfit ideas. It may sound a little boring to get a bunch of basics, but once you’ve completed your capsule wardrobe, that is when you introduce the fun statement pieces with crazy colors and patterns and details. If you only have colored patterned pieces and no basics, chances are you will have a hard time pairing them together and finding outfits. Or you may end up wearing the same outfits every week, which lets face it is just boring.

So if you’re looking to build a capsule wardrobe or just looking for something comfy to wear when you don’t feel like wearing pants, look into a t-shirt dress like this one. The fabric is Rayon and Spandex so it’s almost like a dress made of legging material, except that it’s not suffocatingly tight or unflattering on any body types.

As happy as I may look in this shoot, I am actually near-death (not actually) because of an awful sinus infection (story of my life). So that’s why I haven’t posted in a week, and it’s also why there haven’t been any pictures of my face really on Instagram because when I’m not working I am laying on the couch trying to recover. It’s not working out too well. But I managed to do this one shoot and I think it turned out alright, partially because of Elyse Dumas’s picture taking skills though it may be.

Well thanks for reading and I hope to do a cool shoot soon because I just got what will be my favorite pair of shoes I’ve ever owned in the mail thanks to my lovely boyfriend, so keep an eye out.

[It’s Elementary, Dear]

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