From Work to the Bars with Minimal Effort





Top: Topshop (Thrifted) | Shorts: Boutique Europa (Thrifted) | Blazer: Old Navy | Shoes: Dr. Scholls | Glasses: Urban Outfitters

For this shoot, I was contemplating what to wear because it was unbearably hot out, and I thought – how do people get dressed for work when it’s too hot to wear heavy clothes? And what if you had to go out after? You’d need an appropriate, and versatile look that wouldn’t be too hot – a challenge if I ever saw one. Especially if you are like me, and you don’t feel like wearing dresses every day.

Depending where you work and what is acceptable, a great way to change up a work outfit during the summer is to wear a pair of structured shorts. These are a little short, but since I don’t work in a corporate office or anything of that sort, I can get away with them. A Chino style short, or just a short with a longer inseam, however could be used to wear a similar look.

Because I wore a shorter short, I decided to wear an oversized blazer I borrowed from a friend. The navy color draws on the blue in the shirt I wore (which was actually a crop top that I tucked in because who would ever know?) and a black loafer to look slightly more professional, and emphasize the black outlines in the shirt. I added a brown bag because it looked cute with my “night out” look, and didn’t draw any attention away from the look though it was a different neutral. The mirrored glasses were to add another sleek touch to the outfit.





Wedges: Madden Girl | Bag: Rue 21

For the night out look, I wanted to keep things as simple and easy as possible. So the only things I changed from the work outfit were the shoes, and I got rid of the blazer. The shorts I wore emphasize my waist enough that it makes the outfit just sexy enough to wear to a bar, without being revealing. The nude wedges made the look more casual and summery, while making my legs seem much longer than they really are. Plus a wedge is the perfect shoe to wear out, because they are easier to walk in than a stiletto and tend to be more comfortable as well. I left my hair and makeup simple, as I usually do, and I added a yellow nail polish because it shows my quirky side.

Today was actually the first time I ever went to the Point and walked along the water. It reminded me of home (New Hampshire) a bit. If there is one thing I really dislike about being in Pittsburgh, it is being away from the ocean. There’s just something about staring at the massive ocean that helps to put your own problems into perspective. I may have found my new thinking spot here though. I used to sit on the roof of my dorm and look down at the city but I can’t anymore now that I live in a house.

I leave for the Outer Banks in North Carolina in a few days for a week long vacation, so at least I’ll get to see the ocean again. I think I will make a post about what I am packing, for those of you who are leaving on end-of-the-summer vacations.

Thank you for reading, as always,

[It’s Elementary, Dear]

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