How to Dress Your Body Type: Lunch Date Edition


For this weeks post, I asked a few of my friends if they would do a shoot with me wearing a lunch date outfit meant to flatter their body type. Everyone here has somewhat of a different figure from everyone else, so we each like our bodies in different types of clothes. I know there aren’t all body shapes present in this shoot, but maybe you can still learn something from one of these beautiful and stylish girls.

Ciara (Athletic)





A fit body is a beautiful thing, but can sometimes be hard to dress if you are trying to look feminine and soft but are emphasizing the wrong areas of your body. For example a wide tank top sleeve, or a tight-legged short can sometimes play up the most muscled parts of you. This loose and flowy romper makes legs look long and lean, and cinches in at the waist to play up an hourglass figure. Bell sleeves and a v-neck keep attention off the shoulders and on the neck and collarbone. The flower pattern on this romper works well because it is made of larger flowers instead of a smaller, busier pattern, which can make clothes seem larger and overwhelming.

Shelby (Petite and Curvy)





Many petite people fear looking even shorter than they are. A good way to avoid that is to emphasize your waist as opposed to your hips. For example wearing something high waisted (like this skirt) will give the illusion that your legs are longer and keep going up higher under the skirt. A skirt that hits above the knee will tend to be more flattering than one that hits below, because you see a longer portion of the leg instead of just a foot or so. A fit and flare or an A-line skirt are very flattering for people who have wider hips because the skirt flares out past the hips, therefore downplaying your curves. A shirt with a V-neck that falls loosely from the chest can de-emphasize a larger bust. Altogether the look plays up an hourglass figure and elongates the body. This mustard color is awesome on Shelby’s pale skin tone, and brings out her blue eyes well!

Elyse (Pear Shaped)





Though a pear shape may sometimes be considered athletic, it has different challenges when it comes to finding flattering clothes. A higher waisted short can be worn in a couple ways to play up the waist as your tiniest part. A tight short will show off your curves (and booty) but a flowy short like this one will take attention away from the hips and bring it to your waist and legs instead. Both can be flattering depending on how you feel more comfortable. Tight shorts however, may end up looking sexier, so for a lunch date the flowly short may be more appropriate. A nude shoe can elongate the leg, and a d’Orsay flat that shows more of the foot can also help with this. A shirt that has straps that cut in toward the neck, as opposed to going straight up toward the shoulders can bring more attention to the upper chest instead of bringing attention to just the arms. The pastels add a girly touch to the outfit, which could look very different if it was all black or other dark colors.

Liz (Long and Lean)





Long legs are usually every girls dream, but sometimes if they are overemphasized, the torso can end up looking out of balance. A structured short (or in this case a romper) that is slightly wider than the leg can bring more attention to the hip and waist area, leaving the legs to do their thing and stand tall. A gladiator type sandal can keep the legs from looking overly long by adding a strap at the ankle to separate the leg from the foot. The straight neckline with a slight V is a good way to draw attention to the chest area, and a statement necklace can add even more of an emphasis on the neck and collarbone. A black and white pattern can give a chic touch to a playful romper as well.

And lastly Me (Hourglass)





As someone who’s semi curvy, I tend to like to emphasize my waist. High waisted jeans are a good way to do this because they create very smooth curves. This shirt is good for girls who have larger chests because it de-emphasizes my chest and plays up my shoulders instead. I wore a short and simple gold necklace to draw even more attention up towards my face. The nude sandal was meant to keep focus away from my feet and on my outfit, which I turned into a sort of monochrome look. Monochromatic looks can help an outfit flow better, instead of looking like two very separate pieces of clothing. Darker greens and forest greens tend to go better with olive skin than a lime or mint green. I also wore green to play up my eyes. Which is why, altogether this outfit tends to draw attention all the way up my body to my face.

Here are some fun groups pics we took to highlight the differences between our outfits and to show how similar pieces can be worn to achieve different effects.







So here is a massive thank you to these four amazing girls, as well as to our beautiful friend Julia who took the majority of these photos! As always, I hope that this article was helpful and that some of you will have an easier time getting dressed for your next lunch date or group outing!

These photos were all taken at Randyland, which is a really cool art gallery type house in Pittsburgh! Over 100,000 people visit every year including a few famous groups like Dave Matthews Band! Plus Randy will give you some heartfelt lessons on whats important in life, like peace and love and self worth.


Thanks for reading,

[It’s Elementary, Dear]

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  1. Carole says:

    Awesome post, everyone looks great in their outfits! In reading and looking back at the pictures, it all makes sense. It looks like you guys had a great time and a lot of fun! Love the very colorful backgrounds and the pictures are beautiful. Kudos to Randy for his life lessons.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was definitely a good time! 🙂 Thanks


  2. Bhavika says:

    I think this has been one of my most favourite posts on wordpress to date. The photos you took are incredible to begin with and the fact that you spoke about so many body types is so inclusive! Everyone is beautiful! 🙂


    1. Thank you! That means so much I really appreciate it!

      Liked by 1 person

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