Blue Jean Baby









I don’t know what it is about the Canadian Tuxedo, but I just love jean on jean. A lot of people double take at you if they see you in two different types of jean, because it was a rule for a while to not mix jean tops and pants. However, fashion rules are becoming more and more irrelevent. As long as your jean items are in similar tones but different shades, they will mix perfectly. For example, faded jean goes well with faded, and bold colors go well with other bold colors. In this outfit I picked two bold shades of jeans, one light blue and one in a standard blue.

Lately I’ve been loving it when people wear boots in summer, so I decided to go for a lowkey version of this look. These are one of my favorite pairs of shoes I own. They’re Doc Martens, and they are sort of a cross between boots and high top sneakers. They’re fleece lined so they’re a little hot for summer, but they add a cool touch to an otherwise simple outfit. The other trend I’ve been appreciating lately is mirrored sunglasses. They make such interesting illusions, and I feel like there’s a little air you get when you wear them that says “yeah I’m a badass”.

Personally I like to tie shirts so they hit right above my shorts/pants, because that way you get to see how small my waist is. Sometimes I think I can appear larger than I actually am because my chest makes shirts hang away from my body. I know I’ve talked about my body a few times and I probably sound very self conscious, but don’t get me wrong, when I’m going for a slightly more provocative look, or when I am trying to accentuate my curves by wearing something tight, I do love the shape of my body. It just depends on the look I’m going for, because sometimes I need to play up certain areas of my body.

You will hear a lot more about how to do this, and what areas of your body you can focus on when making outfits, when I post my next shoot. This Saturday (my birthday) four other girls will be joining me in front of the camera to show how they choose clothes and style them to flatter their own bodies! Because I know that not all of you have a shape similar to me, and you can’t always pick out outfits the same way that I do. So stay tuned!

Thanks for reading,

[It’s Elementary, Dear]

P.S. The last picture of this shoot was at the Carnegie Library as I look through their selection of books by the Bronte sisters, because I guess that’s what I do in my spare time now that I’m an English Writing major

P.S.S. The books I decided on are The Professor, Agnes Grey, and East of Eden (which I am re-reading because it was my favorite book ever the first time around). If any of you have any other suggestions of classics to read, I am all ears!

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  1. Cute look!


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