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Shirt: Express (Thrifted) | Jeans: Seven | Shoes: Bandolino | Earrings: Ann Taylor Loft | Bracelets: Alex and Ani | Bracelets: Cristian Siriano | Watch: Anne Klein

As much as it may seem like I have an easy time dressing myself, sometimes it’s actually a big struggle and I spend way too much time trying on seven shirts until I find the right one. So today I’m going to try to show or talk about a few ways to wear a couple of current trends.

I’ve found that boyfriend jeans are particularly tough to wear if you don’t have the perfect shirt to go with them. If you want to look casual, they go great with loose tees and vans. I however do not happen to own any loose tees except the one I just wore in a shoot the other day. I have also found that a relatively fitted shirt can go well with boyfriend jeans if you dress them up with heels.  If you are trying for a menswear look, an untucked button down can go well with the jeans. A strappy heel can offset the outfit with a touch of femininity. I went for a semi dressy look.

These boyfriend jeans are actually awful because I bought them rather hastily last year, and I think they were actually meant to be skinny jeans that I bought in a size that’s way too big, so they fall off of my hips unless I constantly keep my hands in my pockets. I like that they are slightly more fitted to the leg than the average boyfriend jean however.

I also wanted to show a way to wear the off the shoulder trend that’s been taking over lately. The typical off the shoulder top is usually more bohemian and flowy than this one. Funnily enough my mom thrifted this and sent it to me without even realizing it was the perfect trendy piece. An off the shoulder top can be great if you’re someone who is self conscious about your arms or midsection, because you can easily find one with sleeves that flows away from the body. These style of shirt leave only the top of your chest out, showing your collar bone and shoulders which tend to be a more angular and flattering area of the body. Just be careful when buying off the shoulder dresses, because some can cause the body to look very square if they fall straight down from the shoulders.

So if you are the type of person who thinks maybe they can’t wear either of these trends because you don’t think they would look right on your body, just know there is more than one way to wear them, and there is certainly one to flatter your shape. I’m going to be open with all of you to show you that I’m not perfect either and I don’t look great in all styles of clothes. I fit into size 0 pants, dresses, and blazers, but I do not fit into size 0 shirts. I wear a size 4, because my chest is too big for smaller sizes. Because of this I sometimes can’t wear tighter clothes because all of the attention goes to my chest.  If I wear something that is tight in my chest and hips but loose in the body I tend to look frumpy. A lot of girls like to think having a big chest is a great thing, but I would much rather not have one. However, my body is the way it is, so I dress accordingly and do my best to feel great in what I wear.

I have found that fitted, but slightly loose shirts flatter my torso (like the one in this shoot), as well as very straight cut, longer tops. Soon I hope to do a “How to Dress for Your Body Type” shoot with a bunch of my friends to give some outfit ideas to all of you who still feel like you could use some direction! So keep an eye out for that! In the mean time I just hope to teach you guys some new ways to think about clothes when you get dressed in the morning, and to show you that style doesn’t have to break the bank.

Thanks for reading,

[It’s Elementary, Dear]

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