Weather Proof Interview Outfit








Jacket: Nine West (Thrifted) | Dress: (Thrifted) | Shoes: BCBGeneration

Living in Pittsburgh can be difficult, because contrary to what people believe, it rains here almost as much as it rains in Seattle. How on Earth are you supposed to dress nicely when you are in danger of being drenched by the rain? This has been a problem for me a few times. I didn’t have a great solution until my mom found this Nine West jacket at the thrift store and sent it to me. It’s rainproof! Plus its the perfect length to completely cover a formal dress, or to wear over slacks.

I’m not usually a huge fan of the color pink, but I will wear anything if I think it is flattering, so I am definitely willing to wear this jacket. I definitely think that a trench coat is a great way to make your look seem more sophisticated. I like to think I look a little bit older in this outfit. I think a lot of the reason people get bored with their wardrobe is that they never branch out of their comfort zone, so they always buy the same shapes and colors of clothes. You’ve got to be willing to branch out and try new things! Who knows, maybe your comfort zone isn’t actually flattering on you, but you’re unwilling to try the things that might look great! I don’t really like pink, but I do like the way my skin tone looks with the color pink.

The dress I am wearing underneath the jacket is the perfect go to dress for any business or interview situation. It is fitted to my body without being overly tight, and the color is a neutral so it can be paired with any number of jackets or shoes. I’m wearing a low heel in a nude color to lengthen my legs, and with a snakeskin pattern in similar tones to my dress. To me a good interview outfit shows that you can present yourself in an appropriate manner to represent a company, and it also shows a little bit of the type of person you are. I like simple, elegant pieces with a touch of flair. This outfit shows that with the standard dress and jacket, and the trendy shoe and vintage bag. For this interview/business look I wore a little bit of a dark brown shadow in the crease of my eyelid, and a pink gloss.

The last two pictures are of me working on this blog post at the Bartram House Bakery in Southside, and of all the delicious deserts they baked! I hope this post can give you guys a little insight into what you should try to wear for an interview or business formal setting. This seems to be a struggle for many college aged people.

Well, thanks for reading once again!

[It’s Elementary, Dear]

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  1. Very elegant and minimalistic. Love it!
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