Cheap Trick






I love buying clothes made with nice quality fabrics and by chic brands, but I’m very broke so sometimes I really need to compromise quality for the price.

So, I spent the week at a lake in the middle of nowhere in North Carolina, as I’m sure some of you know. And if we needed something at the house, the closest place to go was a Walmart 20 minutes away. I’ve never been the best packer for trips, and when I packed this time I decided to go by what all of the bloggers and pinners say to do and packed a bunch of versatile simple pieces. But when I got to NC, I realized that I had already worn all of the clothes in my last few posts, so I was concerned about how to make an interesting outfit with what I had. Then, all of a sudden, while perusing the aisles of Walmart looking for pool floaties and sandwich toppings, I stumbled upon this striped bodycon. Normally I don’t wear tight clothes because they make me feel a tad self conscious and they also tend to be too revealing, but this went all the way to my knees and actually covered my chest! And not a month earlier I had sat down and doodled a horizontally striped, multicolored, multi layered dress just like this only with sleeves (can be seen in the Sketches tab). And, it was $10. For being the only purchase I made the entire trip, I was actually a little pleased, though slightly horrified with myself for becoming that Walmart shopper.

Had I not told you this fact however, you’d have probably never known. It looks just like something you’d find at any of the staple college kid clothing stores. So my lesson for the day is you never know when or where you will find exactly what you are looking for.The dress is busy and bright, so I wore a simple nude sandal, though a simple black sandal or heel could have also been cute. This dress could easily be made more formal with the addition of jewelry or a colored lip, or even a really cool braided hairstyle like the ones seen all over the runway this season.

I’ve been slacking a bit lately with blogging, because I just started two jobs, but I’m going to try to get back into it and post a little more this week. I won a contest with Mary Kay a little while ago, so tonight I get to go with a couple of friends to get facials and a makeover, so hopefully I’ll have something new and exciting to post about afterwards.

Thanks for reading,

[It’s Elementary, Dear]

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