Chilling In My Levis






Vacation in North Carolina has been pretty good so far, my family is at a lake in the middle of no where and there’s really crappy wifi, but the lake has 90 degree water which is pretty sweet. Plus there are two little weiner dogs (my sisters) that are here with us. I’m doing my best not to get a sunburn but it has been a trouble.

So I have been looking and looking for a good pair of high waisted shorts that don’t show my butt cheeks like the rest do. I found these at my favorite thrift store in Pittsburgh (not dropping names because then everyone will steal all of the good clothes) and I am mostly in love, but they do that thing were the back is too loose but the front is tight which can be uncomfortable. They do the job though and they were like $11 which I will take any day over $40. I also thrifted this jean vest at the same place, and I feel like I can wear it on top of almost anything. I like that it’s a little more grungy than a jean jacket is, and it adds a little bit of a late 80’s/early 90’s feel. This tank is also great because its got a higher neck and exposes more of your shoulders which makes you look less chesty than your average tank.

I love this lipstick even though it’s not great quality, because it’s the perfect shade of a light pinkish-red to really bring out the green in my eyes since they are complementary colors.

The last picture is of my best friend Shelby, she’s pretty cool. She has an etsy site with some sweet canvases and calligraphy. Y’all should check it out. (Like my use of the southern slang?)

I’ll try to post again later this week since it’s been a little while!

Thanks for reading,

[It’s Elementary, Dear]

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