Frolicking at Frick

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Shirt: Target | Skirt: Zara | Shoes: Target

I figure if you have one piece of clothing that you want to dress down, like this faux leather skirt from Zara, the best way to do it is to add a casual shoe like a sneaker or simple sandal and then to wear a different but cohesive shirt on top. I picked this t-shirt because it’s cotton – not anything silky or shiny that would add to the dressiness of the skirt. The stripe offsets the quilting on the skirt and adds a little bit of interest to the outfit, then the necklace ties it all together. I chose the purse because it adds a pop of color and has the same boho vibe as the sandals.

Granted, the skirt was a little warm, but it was still cooler than the wide legged pants I was planning on wearing with an entirely different outfit for this shoot. I’m struggling this summer, because I don’t have any plain shorts or skirts. All of my shorts are grungy and my skirts are for business or parties. I have some major thrifting to do once my bank account returns to a reasonable level. So it took me a while to find an appropriate outfit that didn’t involve pants. You’ll notice almost all of my posts include pants, this is more out of necessity than anything else.

I have been loving the way Rihanna pins back her hair with a ton of bobby pins, so I decided to try out a more muted version of her look and I think it was a success. If you hate having your hair in your face when it’s hot and windy, this is a cool way to keep it back without putting it up or wearing a headband.

As far as makeup goes, it’s summer and no one really wants their face caked with makeup when it’s 80 degrees and you’re sweating, so I would stick to a BB or CC cream with some SPF for your skin (I use Garnier) and some bronzer for finish and color, as well as a dash of blush to add some life to your cheeks. The natural look is coming back in so I’m not wearing any eye or lip makeup apart from a couple coats of mascara. It’s time to let your natural beauty shine, and let your skin soak up some Vitamin D!

If anyone has an idea for a post or a style or beauty question you want me to answer, feel free to ask either in the comments section here or on Facebook/Instagram. I’m always looking for inspiration and feedback!

Thanks for reading,

[It’s Elementary, Dear]

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  1. i like this outfit! very urban and simple!

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  2. I love this post! I’m a total fan of dressing down items, especially leather skirts!
    So glad I came across your blog!

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