Yeah I Wear Men’s Clothes

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Shirt: Banana Republic | Pants: The Loft | Shoes: Nine West | Glasses: Urban Outfitters

Finally finished your finals and looking to celebrate? It’s a good time to break out your favorite pair of heels and jazz up a comfortable (but presentable) outfit. This t-shirt is so freaking soft, and it’s actually from the men’s section at Banana Republic. The sleeves are a little long but they look cute rolled, and a big silver statement necklace can give it a nice juxtaposition (sadly, I don’t own one).

I wish these black jeans were a little darker, but they fit pretty well and they’re a hand me down from my sister so I really can’t complain. And no outfit is complete without a jacket to take it to the next level, and also to keep you warm after the sun goes down. These heels are just a simple black pump, and they won’t kill your feet half an hour after you put them on, which is a necessity if you’re going to be walking about or dancing. I’m not huge on getting totally dolled up to go to a college bar to drink cheap beer, so I chose this outfit in the hopes that it would be both low key and also a little bit sexy.

On a side note – Banana Republic is probably tied with Zara for my favorite store of all time because they have such good sales, and they have some really versatile clothing. I just bought a sweater from the men’s sale rack for $4 the other day, and there’s nothing wrong with it. I would highly recommend looking for things like sweaters or other basics in the men’s section because they’re usually thicker, and not fitted to the female body so you can wear them regardless of the size of your boobs.

Anyways that’s my spiel for the day,

[It’s Elementary, Dear]

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  1. H. E. Lexus says:

    Mens cloths, womens cloths; why does it have to matter..? Everything looks great. Love the pumps. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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