Boston Baby

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Trench: H&M | Shirt: Old Navy | Pants: American Eagle | Bag: Coach | Glasses: Urban Outfitters

Happy ALMOST Summer Break! I got to spend the weekend back home in New Hampshire and Boston, and I thought I’d do a shoot in the city, but it cost $10 an hour to park so that didn’t happen. Instead this shoot took place on the beach about 5 minutes from my house. I ended up wearing a bunch of my best friends clothes because it’s always more fun to wear things you don’t have. I’ve been dreaming of a decent trench coat for a couple of years now but never felt like coughing up the money. Shelby (my best friend) gifted this to me though and now there is a good chance I will never take it off.

Speaking of coats, while in Boston I noticed one major difference from Pittsburgh’s street style. No matter what a person was wearing, their nicest piece of clothing was their coat. I saw almost no one in North Face fleece coats or sweatshirts. Even the people in workout clothes wore trenches or canvas jackets over top and there were a ton of the light puffy jackets and pea coats. The thing about a nice jacket is that it’s the first part of your outfit anyone sees, so it makes sense to spend the most money on it. You could be wearing couture and if you cover it with a fleece, no one would know. Anyway it made the whole Boston crowd seem like they cared a little bit more about first impressions.

Anyways, it was 80 degrees when I got back to Pittsburgh yesterday, and I almost died because I hate the heat. But the bright side is that coats won’t be necessary for much longer, and school is over in two weeks. So in celebration, next I will be doing a post about a potential “night out” or bar outfit.

If you still don’t own a jean or chambray shirt this one from Old Navy is wicked comfortable and probably very well priced (it’s Shelby’s too). Also I tried out a new way to cuff pants, and I think it looks pretty cool. You just cuff them up once, then roll hem of the pants back down. Also I don’t purposely never smile in my pictures, somehow the smiley ones never end up turning out as well. I’m still not used to this posing-for-pictures thing.

That’s all for now, thanks for reading!

[It’s Elementary, Dear]

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