Pumped Up Kicks

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Turtleneck & Jeans: Uniqlo (both thrifted) | Sweater: Forever 21 | Shoes: Nike | Clutch: Coach | Watch: Anne Klein

Transitioning from winter to spring clothing is messing with me, because I keep wanting to wear all neutrals and I have to yell at myself to not be so boring. My tactic to far has been to wear an outfit of mainly neutrals, and add pops of color like a shoe or a bold lip. Or I’ll wear one bright article of clothing, and frame the look around it. For example, I have this bright yellow Michael Kors sweater I found that I will probably post about soon, and I love wearing it with navy and black.

So here is my take on the athletic sneakers with skinny jeans trend. I also really wanted to wear a turtleneck because I keep reading articles about how they are the perfect layering tool to transition clothes from winter to summer, though next time I may try wearing one under a dress.

Thanks for reading, hopefully one day I’ll get used to this whole picture taking thing…

[It’s Elementary, Dear]

P.S. This bright violet lip color by Bite Beauty Cosmetics is awesome, I got a mini tube of it at Sephora for like $6 (I never go through full tubes of lipstick anyways).

P.S.S. This gelato is from Mercurio’s in Shadyside and it is probably 17x better than icecream.

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